A Personal Project

Ever had an idea that’s kept you awake at night?

There are photographs that I haven’t made yet, images i’ve imagined but haven’t turned them into anything other than ideas. If I don’t make time to create them then they’ll never get out of my head.

Whilst this work a personal project for me, the hope is that the images will be portfolio worthy. We won't be shooting anything that I normally would do (so no headshots sorry) but I won't ask anyone to do anything they wouldn't be comfortable with. The deal is simple, you give up your time to create an image with me and in return you get a print.
A real life print and not just a file to put onto instagram or whatever.

Fancy being part of this?

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Are you a world class dancer? Do you create sculptures? Are you a musician? An artist? Do you watch Netflix for 12 hours straight? Do you drive a bad-ass motorbike? Whatever it is that you love to do, tell me.
How old you are isn't a factor for me choosing if I work with you or not, it's just so that the project I link you with is appropriate but you have to be over 18 due to release agreements & copyright.
I'm in Manchester, the majority of these shoots will take place around here.
It's not a big deal if you don't, self driving cars are coming anyway.
It doesn't have to be physical.
Same as above
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The information you submit in this form will never be shared or sold with anyone ever. It is only used to consider your suitability for a photographic project for Tom Barker. If you would like to remove your data please email mail@tombarkerphotography.com requesting to do so.