Prepping for your headshot session.jpg

A little preparation before your headshot session can go a long way, in this quick video I talk about the steps you can take to make sure you get the most from your new headshots.

  • Sleep well the night before the shoot, don't stay up too late or get up too early. You should look and feel well rested on the day of your session.
  • Consider different outfit choices carefully. Try to pick items to have different colours, necklines and texture and avoid picking things that look very similar to each other.
  • For hair just style it as you normally would do because we want your headshot to look just like you when you go to audition.
  • Makeup can be a little different, again just apply it as your usually would with just one addition - use a matte finishing powder after foundation. This can really make a big difference to your headshots by giving your skin a smooth natural tone that works well with lighting without looking overly retouched.

If you've got any questions or wanted to book your headshot session with me get in touch.