Welcome Actors Lab Students - you can use this page to book in for your headshot session on Sunday 28th July.

In the past we’ve always hosted these days at my studio but i’m itching to get outside for a day of shooting these sessions. Hopefully the weather will co-operate with us but if not my studio is available as a backup plan.

When you book your session you’ll get an email to confirm the time you’ve booked your session for along with some details about the format of the session and what to bring etc but if you have any questions just drop me an email to mail@tombarkerphotography.com or give me a call on 07515 358 387.

If we're outside there's a location in Castlefield just off from Deansgate that I use. The postcode M3 4RU will take you to where we'll be based but it's in-between Dukes 92' & the Museum of Science & Industry. If we're indoors the address for my studio is Progress Centre, Charlton Place, Manchester, M12 6HS.

By the 20th of July i’ll email you directly to confirm if we’ll be indoors or outdoors with specific of where we’ll be shooting (including a map 😊).