A good actors headshot is one that looks just like the person who's in the photograph, so when you attend an audition the person who is in the headshot is the same person that walks into the room. I believe the key to elevating a good photograph into a great actors headshot is the subtle use of expression to create an interesting & engaging image that stands out in a crowded marketplace.

Through the use of expression we can create a portfolio of images that tie into the type of roles and parts that you'd like to be cast for, increasing your chances of landing that dream part.


When we look at a portrait, we tend to notice the eyes first - we gravitate towards them and make a connection to the subject. Seeing life behind the eyes is key to an image that captivates the viewer, they should be bright, well lit and have fit into the mood of the headshot.


We're all different, no two actors are the same so it makes sense that your headshot should be an individual as you are. When you book your headshot session with me you'll get a choice over how it looks, we can shoot indoors in my studio space to create clean distinctive images then go for something more dramatic or we can head outside for some images on location - the choice is yours. I personally prefer to have a mix of each, that way you'll have plenty to pick from when choosing which headshots you'd like to use.


There are four different types of headshot session you can book with me. My studio & studio plus shoots don't have a time limit so there's no pressure to finish up within a set time. We can mix the session up by shooting in my studio space then heading outside to use natural light if you'd prefer to.

My sunset session is very different, we're at the mercy of the weather. Ideally we'll start shooting around an hour and half before sunset, but each day is different so being ready to shoot when the sun is at the perfect position is important. With the weather being unpredictable, we'll schedule a few options when arranging your shoot then confirm on the day that looks best.

Before we start taking photographs we'll have a chat around what you'd like to get from the shoot, how you'd like your headshots to look and get to know each other a little. There's even free coffee if you're interested!


  • Studio or Outdoor
  • 1 hour Session
  • 3 Images in Colour + B&W
  • Subtle Editing


  • Studio/Outdoor/Mixed
  • Up to 3 Hours Shoot time
  • 6 Images in Colour + B&W
  • Subtle Editing

Studio Plus

  • Studio/Outdoor/Mixed
  • Up to 3 Hours Shoot time
  • 9 Images in Colour + B&W
  • Subtle Editing


  • Outdoor Sunset Shoot
  • Unique Images
  • 6 Images in Colour + B&W
  • Subtle Editing


Headshots have changed a lot in the past decade, from black and white to colour, full body or 3/4 shots, even landscape images in some markets. I believe the biggest change we've seen is the advent of the digital CV through online casting systems like spotlight, casting call pro & casting networks. It used to be normal that an actor would have one headshot that would last them years, now with the digital CV an actor can use a portfolio of images to convey their playing range and different casting types. Now, more than ever it's important to have a strong set of images that sell you as an actor but also as an individual.



The studio is located just 5 minutes walk from Piccadilly Station, Manchester.
Free but limited parking is available just outside the building with on street pay & display parking available in the area.

Progress Centre,
Charlton Place, 
M12 6HS

During the week 9-5 the studio has disabled access.


I've been a working professional photographer since 2008, starting out documenting weddings then moving onto corporate work, I now focus on shooting headshots for actors and advertising within the arts to create imagery for marketing materials.

I take pride in my work, being somewhat of a perfectionist i'm always striving to create images with my camera, that I can imagine and visualise beforehand. Working on new projects that excite me, keep me up at night and challenge me creatively is what I live for.

I also have three cats; Amber, Crystal & Mr. Pickles. Yes, i'm a crazy cat man!